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Elmer's <br> White Glue
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White Glue
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Orions <br> Masking Tape 24mm X 20M
Wise Buy <br> Clear Packaging Tape
Bulldog <br> All-purpose Super Glue
20 - Watts Glue Gun, Small
Wise Buy <br> Duct Tape  48mm x 10M
Orions <br> Double-sided Tape 24mm x 15M
Taperan Masking Tape, Pack of 2Taperan Masking Tape, Pack of 2
Elmer's <br> Washable Clear Glue Gel 147ml
Wise Buy <br> Transparent Tape ( Big Core )
Elmer's <br> Glitter Glue 6 ounce
Orions <br> White Glue 40ml
Dong-A <br> Clear Liquid Glue 50 Grams
Crocodile <br> Double-sided ( Tissue ) Tape
Orions <br> Clear Packaging Tape 48mm x 30M
Wise Buy <br> Packaging Tape Tan (Color)
Glitter Glue Set Neon Color
Elmer's Extra-strength Glue Stick
Bulldog <br> Steel Super Glue 3 Grams
Wise Buy <br> Glue Gel, 40ml

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