Expressions Stationery Shop, Inc. (ESSI) is a company that arose from its mother company Sterling Paper Group of Companies. It all started with its founder, Mr. Lim Seh Leng.

In 1984, the first retail store of Sterling was established offering greeting cards and was later on developed to provide affordable school and office supplies named Expressions.

In 1999, Expressions Stationery Shop, Inc., diversified and ventured into the department store industry that gave birth to Mart One Department Store with the objective of providing an urbanized, affordable shopping experience to communities in the provinces.

Further expansion was made when another department store concept was created to reach a younger audience. Hence, the opening of the first branch of mi Department Store.

ESSI continued to broaden its portfolio by entering into an amusement and recreational center with the opening of Gameworld in 2010 which was later named Fun Nation. In 2013, the company also opened its first food retail concept called Golden Bamboo Restaurant offering modern Chinese cuisine. 

As part of its 30th anniversary, on the 24th of February 2018, Expressions mounted and achieved the Guinness World Record for the largest art lesson which had 16,692 participants and was held at the historic Quezon City Memorial Circle.

Over the years, Expressions continues to be a competitive player in the retail industry by providing affordable basic school & office supplies plus a wide assortment of arts & crafts and novelty items.