The Ultimate Guide to Buying 0 Size Capsules Online

The Ultimate Guide to Buying 0 Size Capsules Online

Welcome, reader! If you’ve stumbled upon this guide, chances are you’re on the hunt for some 0 size capsules. You’re in the right place! Whether you’re a seasoned supplement maker or a newbie looking to fill your own capsules, this guide covers everything you need to know about buying 0 size capsules online. Grab a coffee, sit back, and let’s dive in.

Why Choose 0 Size Capsules?

Before we move forward, let’s talk about why 0 size capsules could be the perfect choice for you. These capsules are one of the most popular sizes and for good reason. They hold an ideal amount of powder or supplement, without being too large or too small.

Capsule Size Comparison
Capsule Size Volume (ml) Approx. Weight (mg)
000 1.37 1600
00 0.91 1000
0 0.68 750
1 0.50 500
2 0.37 370

From the table above, it’s clear that 0 size capsules strike a balance in volume and weight, making them convenient for various uses.

Types of 0 Size Capsules

Gelatin Capsules

Gelatin capsules are the most common type. They are made from animal products, usually beef or pork, and dissolve quickly in the stomach. If you’re not vegetarian or vegan, these could be a great option.

Vegetarian Capsules

For our veggie friends, there are vegetarian capsules made from HPMC (Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose). These are ideal because they are plant-based and dissolve just as efficiently as their gelatin counterparts.

Here’s a simple formula to understand their composition:

HPMC + Water + Gelling agent = Vegetarian Capsule

Capsules with Special Features

Some manufacturers offer unique capsules with additional features like:

  • Delayed Release
  • Enteric Coating
  • Enhanced Bioavailability

Where to Buy 0 Size Capsules Online

Okay, so you’ve decided which type of capsule you need. Now, where can you buy them? The internet is a vast marketplace, and here are some trusted places:


Amazon is a giant in the e-commerce space, offering various brands and options. Plus, you can read user reviews to guide your purchase. Popular brands include:

  • NOW Foods
  • Capsule Connection


If you want to score some deals, eBay could be your go-to. Keep an eye on the seller’s ratings and reviews to ensure you’re getting a quality product.

Manufacturer Websites

Buying directly from manufacturers like Capsule Depot and CapsulCN could be a wise choice. They often offer bulk discounts and detailed product specifications.

Factors to Consider When Buying


Do you want gelatin or vegetarian capsules? If you’re looking for something specific like enteric-coated or delayed-release capsules, make sure the product description matches your requirement.


Capsules are often sold in various quantities, from bottles of 100 to bulk packs of 10,000. Determine your needs to avoid running out or overstocking.


Price can vary widely based on brand, quantity, and special features. It’s smart to compare different options before hitting that “buy” button.


How much powder can a 0 size capsule hold?

Generally, a 0 size capsule can hold about 500-750 mg of powder, depending on the density of the substance.

Are 0 size capsules easy to fill?

Yes, they are relatively easy to fill, especially if you use a capsule filling machine. Many manufacturers offer these machines as part of their product range.

Can I store filled capsules for a long time?

As long as you store them in a cool, dry place, filled capsules can last for up to two years. Always check the expiration date of the raw materials used.

Your Capsule Adventure Awaits

And there you have it—your ultimate guide to buying 0 size capsules online! We’ve covered why they’re a great choice, the various types available, where to buy them, and some key factors to consider. Now, it’s your turn. Go out there, make an informed purchase, and start creating your own supplements!

Happy capsule filling!

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